Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Staying Home

My Favorite and Least Favorite Reasons for Staying At Home


1. I don't have to shower or get ready to go anywhere. Which really if I think about it I don't necessarily shower when I do have somewhere to go...

2. I can snack whenever I want. Except if it is Debbie cakes... those I have to sneak off to the closet to eat. Cullen has wrapper radar and usually he finds me with a mouth packed full and an empty wrapper. Then the crocodile tears start so I end up giving him one.

3. Naps. I love naps. I think they should be mandatory for people of all ages. If I were president I'd set that in motion.

4. Sometimes I clean the house. This could also go on the least favorite list. I enjoy a clean house, but I detest having to do it.

5. I get cuddles all day long.

6. If I'm waiting on a package I can open it as soon as it arrives. And I get to scare the mess out of the postal worker when I fling the door open and yell, "I've been waiting for you!!!"

7. If I want to wear shorts and work boots around the house, I can do so without worrying about ending up on a site like The People of Walmart.

8. I can spray paint all day long if I feel like it. Which seems to happen quite a bit. Except today, it's raining. Sad face.


1. Sometimes I want to take a shower and get ready to go somewhere, but I have no where to go so Sweet Husband comes home and wonders what I'm doing in a business suit and platform heels.

2. Apparently sitting around eating debbie cakes isn't a good thing and causes jiggly thighs and saddlebags.... whoops.

3. Occasionally I want to go out somewhere, but can't because it's nap time. So I have to just sit quietly in my room as to not wake the children when really all I want to do is scream Spice Girl songs at the top of my lungs.

4. I'm suppose to clean the house...

5. Two little kids climb all over me nonstop throughout the day and that results in bite marks, pulled hair, and pinched thighs.

6. I don't get many packages.

7. My parents are threatening to take a picture of me in my shorts and work boots. So this is forcing me to think up a new wardrobe for hanging around the house.

8. Days when it's raining and I can't spray paint just aren't as much fun.

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