Friday, June 24, 2011

And Our Last

Dear sweet 18 month Cullen,

   Hey little fella. Where to begin? You came into our lives a lot quicker than we expected you to. We weren't quite ready for you... some days we still aren't, but we couldn't have gotten a more beautiful little boy. You're very adventurous. You like to climb... EVERYTHING. You hit your head at least once a week. Some days I worry about your brain and have thought about investing in a helmet. You've had a black eye already. Don't worry you should have seen the other.. table leg..? You want to eat everything you can get your hands on and a lot of the time you stand by the pantry door crying for "bite bites". I call you piglet, but I mean it lovingly. I love your little chunky booty.

  A couple of things we need to discuss... Number 1: I am not a chew toy. Though you may find me tasty and my thighs a bit juicy.. that junk hurts! And when I sit down crying holding the spot you bit, don't laugh. That's not polite.  Number 2: Leave it alone. It's going to fall off. Not to mention the spontaneous showers we all get when we don't realize your diaper is down in the front. Number 3: It's okay to go play. Mommy will always be right here watching. My lap is always open for you, but trust me it's much more fun on the floor with the toys! Number 4: It's okay to ride in the shopping buggy the right way. It makes shopping so much easier for mommy if you do.

  You're a man of very few words. You correctly shake your head yes and no and say "Nu-huh" when you don't want to do something. You give kisses on demand and always love on everyone. You say bye bye to strangers. You sign "I love You" to family. You never fight with other children (well except your brother). Some days you surprise me and use a new word. Then when I try to bribe convince you to say it again you smile and say "Nu-huh". You're stubborn. I don't know where you get it from (no comments mom and dad). You like to take adventure walks. We usually end up next door at Honey and Pops house. You mostly like to go see the chickens. Maybe it's because you know they're food... just kidding we don't eat Honey and Pops chickens...

  Every time we go out and about I am told how pretty my little girl is. Yes, you did read that right. Everyone thinks you're a girl. It's the curls and big long eyelashes. Your daddy wants to cut your curls. I refuse. They remind me of your other grandmother. She had ringlet curls and I'm convinced you inherited them from her. You look like me. I love that. I really thought you would look just like your daddy since your brother does, but no you're my special little carbon copy. You also have my temper... something we're both going to have to work on. And where your stubbornness is hard to deal with now I know it will come in handy when you're a teenager and faced with certain situations because you'll be true to yourself no matter what. So we'll just deal with the stubbornness without breaking it down because I think you can handle it.

  We are so proud of you and the little boy you are becoming. You're growing too fast though. Please work on that. I like our night time snuggles and how you grab my hands and put them around you so I will hold you tighter. I like that you have to have "baby" to sleep. I like that I think you're asleep and when I look down you grin your big toothy grin at me. Or when I quit rocking you start bucking your body to make the chair rock some more. I don't want these things to ever stop.

   We're so thankful we have you.  We love you so much our little one.



  1. bet you have never heard how beautiful his eyes are, huh? great pic of the two of you in the kitchen. ~d. :)

  2. Thank you so much! Only every time we go out ;) And believe me he knows how to use them! All he has to do is look at me with those big blue beauties and I'm sucked in.

  3. He has the best eyes & is totally cute! I love.#2..... boys will be boys. :-o

  4. Thank you so much Kelly! He's the sweetest little booger. :)

  5. Sweetest post ever, it made me cry! :) I love how much you love your boys! :)

  6. oh my gosh how precious is he! my little girl is 18 months today too (is it today for him?) if so, Merry Christmas Eve Babies! :) love your blog!

  7. Thank you so much! I am so proud of my little guys. I can't believe how blessed I am.

    A Christmas Eve baby, how sweet!! His birthday is actually Dec. 18th so he's just a few days older than you sweet little one. Isn't this a crazy/fun age?!?