Thursday, June 16, 2011

To My Boys

Things I want my kids to know.

1. Nobody is like you. You are very special and one of a kind. Please stay that way. Don't follow the crowds. Stand out and let your light shine. It's bright and beautiful and will instantly draw people closer to you so please don't dull your light for others.

2. Be kind to everyone. Everyone just wants to be accepted. When you see someone being picked on, stand up for them. They have a soul just like you and God made them just like he made you. So be their friend. Even if they're not "cool".

3. Using bad words isn't nice. It doesn't sound cool and it dumbs down your vocabulary. People use those words simply because they can't think of anything more intelligent to say.

4. You need to wear your pants on your waist. Other people don't want to see your underwear and there is a good possibility that I will pants you in front of your friends if I see you wearing them like this.

5. Please learn how to write correctly. Don't use text talk. Learn to write letters and thank you notes. Express yourself through poetry. Write short stories. Keep a journal... just write.

6. Pray. All day, everyday. Learn to hand it over to God. Please don't worry like your mother does. Learn to trust and have faith.

7. Learn patience. Patience with others, patience with yourself, and patience with God's timing. This one is hard for your mother. I'm tying everyday to practice patience so that I will be able to be the example you need.

8. Respect people. All people. You don't have to agree with them or what they do/believe, but know that they are people just like you and love them. Smile at the sad, give to the poor, pray for the hate, cry for the weary, rejoice with the happy. But respect them all.

9. When you grow up and find the right woman for you love her with all your being. Treat her like she hung the moon and tell her she is beautiful everyday. Talk to her (this is the key to a happy marriage). Never go to bed angry. Never talk down about her to others. Lead her and your family. Provide for them. Always tell her how much you care.

10. Always know that your father and I love you more than anything in this world. And no matter how hard life gets we are here. No matter the hour. No matter the day. We will be where you need us. Please know we will always be. If not here on this earth we'll be in your hearts. Let the wind whisper in your ears how much we love you. Let the suns rays warm you with our pride for you. Because my sons we prayed for you. You are our gifts and we want nothing but happiness and love to fill your lives. Thanks to you are family is complete. We love you both.


  1. LOL. my boys are 10 & 12 we tell them these things ALL.THE.TIME.
    I LOVE IT.

  2. Hi Kelly, I'm Katie's mom. For some reason her blog wont let her comment, so I'm passing along a message from her. "Hi Kelly! It's nice to "meet" you! Thank you so much for following my blog."

  3. Yay! I think I fixed the problem!! Anyways thank you mom for commenting for me and thank you Kelly for following my blog :) I hope you enjoy what I have to say!

  4. This is truly beautiful...especially #4, hahaha

  5. Thank you, Jami! Number 4 is a promise I intend to keep! My boys are going to love me... haha.