Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh Dog

So I've been meaning to write a post for several days now, but I've been doing
important things like:
Watching movies
Making Super Hero capes
Not showering
Taking naps

You know... very very important things.

I was in the process of taking a very much needed nap this afternoon, but it started raining and thundering. I, of course, love the rain and bunder, but I knew it would mean very bad things for nap time. I was snuggy, cozy in my nice warm bed (on Sweet Husband's side. It's like a new bed when I can switch sides) when the thunder started and I just kept silently praying that the boys would stay asleep. Cullen didn't. Sigh. So I brought him into my bed and tried to get him back to sleep. It would have totally worked had our stupid dog not been panting so loud. I tried to boot her out of the bedroom, but then she just scratched at the door. Cullen was then wide awake.

I can't figure out why my dog is more scared of storms than my kids. I'm pretty sure she's never known a dog to get struck by lightning. She's never been caught in a storm without some sort of protection. She's never been smashed with hail, or sucked up in a tornado, or swept out to sea by a hurricane. So why on earth is she annoyingly scared?!? As soon as the first drop of rain hits the house she starts shaking. Her eyes get really big and she will do all the naughty things she's not suppose to do like climb on the furniture or step on children. She starts panting and whimpering and gets very clingy. I'm thinking if this gets bad enough we're going to have to seek out a dog whisperer since I haven't mastered the Dr. Doolittle skill yet. (It's on my list).

Of course it's done raining now. Both boys are now wide awake. Silly dog is sitting under my feet. And mommy's peace and quiet nap time is over. Oh well, I guess I'll just rest my eyes while my superheros entertain themselves.

Silly Dog
Smallest Super Hero

Fly, Slaten, Fly

Off like a shot

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