Saturday, June 25, 2011


June 26, 2004

  The day was finally here. I woke up feeling excited, but not at all nervous. I kept thinking, "shouldn't I feel nervous? should I be getting cold feet? Isn't that what normal brides feel?" But I wasn't. I was way too excited to feel any other emotion. For the past year we had run around planning our day. Getting ready to become one. I was happy the day was finally there. Some questioned are decision. Some weren't too sure we would last. We were too young. But the answer was simple for me. I loved him. I didn't want to grow up and then get married. I wanted to grow up with him. So what I was 18 and he 22. I didn't want another year to pass without being able to say he was mine forever. So we ignored all the negative and pushed on to our day because we knew what we wanted. Always have, always will. Love.

  I got ready with my girlfriends. It started to rain. My hopes started to drop. I always dreamed of an outdoor wedding. We couldn't do it inside. My dreams were set. This was my day. It was suppose to go how I envisioned it. A few tears were shed. My dream wedding wasn't going according to my plan. The wedding advisor tried to convince me to change my idea and to that I said "No". I didn't care if it was raining. It wasn't a torrential down pour. It was a light sprinkle and you know what? The guests can sit inside and watch from the window if they want. I was to have my outdoor wedding come rain or shine. And I did.

  I was standing with my daddy about to walk out to marry the man that made everything in my life seem right. I was anxious. More so because of all the eyes that were going to be on me. I felt beautiful. I loved my dress. I spent many a paychecks on that dress, but I wanted that to be the dress that I was in the moment I became his wife. I knew he'd like it. I couldn't wait for him to see me in it. My dad escorted me to the double doors. I made a comment about needing to go back upstairs to use the bathroom. He told me, "It's time." I took a deep breath and the doors opened.

  There were our friends, our family, our future. His smile was the biggest I have ever seen. I couldn't help but mirror it. I thought I would cry, that he would cry, but we didn't we just smiled. My heart was fluttering. I couldn't believe it was time. We were to become one and nothing would ever get in the way of that. We took our vows. We still take our vows. Every single day. We made the choice and everyday we still make that choice.
  Sure, we were young, but we knew what we were doing. He kissed me and took my breath away and there we were... Man and Wife. His hand was so firm around mine and our smiles still just as big as we walked back up that aisle. We did it! We were married! Just kids. Just plain Love. Forever and always. I like to think that we have the love that is in movies. What you see is what you get. Sure times can be hard.. I'm not saying it's always rainbows and butterflies, but our love is pure. We're meant to be together. We fit perfectly. So with that I say

Happy Anniversary, my dear sweet Husband.
I chose you that day and I still continue to choose you.
You are my heart and I look forward to many more years
of our love. Even though it has been 7 years
our story in nowhere near through.
Love always,

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